Matty Charles Guitar Repair


I’ve been restoring and repairing old guitars since I learned how to work on them at Southside Guitars in Brooklyn, NY. This is a great thing for a guitar player like myself since I’ve always been very particular about how my guitar plays and sounds.

I get so much satisfaction from giving new life to quality instruments that I’ve decided to offer my repair and restoration skills to the public. So if you live in the Portland, OR. area, check out my rates.

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Chuck Berry vs. Keith Richards

from HAIL! HAIL! ROCK & ROLL directed by Taylor Hackford (1987)

This is an amazingly uncomfortable band practice that had Chuck Berry and Keith Richards fighting for the alpha role just a little bit. First Chuck gets mad that Keith messes with his amp then he proceeds to give Keith a guitar lesson on how to play his part. Pretty funny!

Why I love Leonard Cohen Interview…

This is an excerpt from a great documentary about Leonard Cohen that was made by the Canadian Broadcasting Company quite a long time ago. It kind of sums up all the reasons that I love and admire the creative intelligence of this profoundly talented artist.

” You know that story about the juggler who practiced his acrobatics and plate balancing in front of the statue of the virgin? ” – LC